Dave Coates Photography

1348_Dales Barn near Angram1348_Dales Barn near Angram| 6502_Peat House, Old Gang Mill6502_Peat House, Old Gang Mill| 1476_Field & Barn Patterns, Gunnerside1476_Field & Barn Patterns, Gunnerside| 4733_Overlooking Muker and its Meadows4733_Overlooking Muker and its Meadows| 5209_Oxnop Gill towards Swinner Gill5209_Oxnop Gill towards Swinner Gill|
6646_Grinton Moor towards Reeth6646_Grinton Moor towards Reeth| 4606_Gunnerside Gateway4606_Gunnerside Gateway| 7787_Gunnerside Patterns7787_Gunnerside Patterns| 7273_Wain Wath Falls near Keld7273_Wain Wath Falls near Keld|

2097_More Rain to Come?2097_More Rain to Come?| 7785_Bluebells and swinner Gill7785_Bluebells and swinner Gill| 7340_Autumn Evening near Keld7340_Autumn Evening near Keld| 7328_Swaledale Barn Scene7328_Swaledale Barn Scene| 5375_Autumn in Swaledale5375_Autumn in Swaledale|
All images copyright Dave Coates 2006
" The Yorkshire Dales  is the place  where I spent much of my early years,  and where I came to love landscape photography amid the stunning  scenery  that you cannot fail to find around almost every corner. To the dry stone walls, the barns and the dramatic limestone scenery for which the Yorkshire Dales  will always be known, can be added the wild flowers and the spring meadows.  The Dales have been farmed and worked by man for thousands of years and the result is a variety of landscapes in which man's hand and nature have blended together in a truly wonderful way. The Yorkshire Dales has a special character of its own, for it is at once a harsh and unforgiving landscape but also a place of tranquillity and sublime beauty. "
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