Dave Coates Photography
0211_Evening Light, Yosemite0211_Evening Light, Yosemite| 0543_Artists Palette, Death Valley0543_Artists Palette, Death Valley| 3217_Sunset on the Dunes3217_Sunset on the Dunes| 0380_Hard Times0380_Hard Times| 0384_Storm Light, Mono Lake0384_Storm Light, Mono Lake|

0276_El Capitan & River Merced0276_El Capitan & River Merced| 0519_Death Valley Salt Pans0519_Death Valley Salt Pans| 3058_Tribute to Ansel3058_Tribute to Ansel| 0418_Barrel Cactus, Alabama Hills0418_Barrel Cactus, Alabama Hills| 299_Devil's Golf  Course, Death Valley3299_Devil's Golf Course, Death Valley|

0270_Fern Spring, Yosemite0270_Fern Spring, Yosemite| 0333_General Store, Bodie0333_General Store, Bodie| 3163_High Sierra Sunrise, Alabama Hills3163_High Sierra Sunrise, Alabama Hills| 0490_Patterns in the Dunes0490_Patterns in the Dunes| 3217_Afternoon Light, Death Valley Dunes3217_Afternoon Light, Death Valley Dunes|

3067_Half Dome Sunset3067_Half Dome Sunset| 0399_Heart Arch, Alabama Hills0399_Heart Arch, Alabama Hills| 0324_Valley View, Yosemite0324_Valley View, Yosemite| 0522_Manley Beacon from Zabriski Point0522_Manley Beacon from Zabriski Point| 0374_Abandoned0374_Abandoned|

All images copyright Dave Coates 2008
" This trip with Sheila to Southern California in spring encompassed somewhat varied weather; from 90 degrees in Yosemite, to snow showers in Bodie then 100 plus degrees in Death Valley. The landscape was perhaps some of the most dramatic, varied, and grandeous we have ever experienced. You can only wonder with awe at those pioneers in the 19th Century who passed through or settled in it. On the technical side, whilst Sheila has now gone over to digital completely, I was still taking colour slides in the majority of cases, but on the other hand two-thirds of the shots in this gallery were taken on my DSLR the new Pentax K20D; I leave to you to worry which is which. "
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