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0660_Dubrovnik Harbour0660_Dubrovnik Harbour| D08_ Boat 'suspended' in HarbourD08_ Boat 'suspended' in Harbour| D16_Dubrovnik Jesuit CathedralD16_Dubrovnik Jesuit Cathedral| D13_View across the Old CityD13_View across the Old City| D12_Old City Walls, DubrovnikD12_Old City Walls, Dubrovnik|

D09_Main Street, DubrovnikD09_Main Street, Dubrovnik| 0666_Interior, Jesuit Cathedral0666_Interior, Jesuit Cathedral| 0637_Dubrovnik side street0637_Dubrovnik side street| 0633_Dubrovnik Rooftops0633_Dubrovnik Rooftops|

0649_Mostar Bridge0649_Mostar Bridge| D06_Mostar RememberedD06_Mostar Remembered| D11_Storm brewing, MostarD11_Storm brewing, Mostar| D14_Montenegro PanoramaD14_Montenegro Panorama| D15_Kota Inlet, MontenegroD15_Kota Inlet, Montenegro|

All images copyright Dave Coates 2006
" We visited Dubrovnik  in Croatia in May of 2005. In the course of the trip we also had chance to go Mostar, in Bosnia Hercegovinia and Montenegro.    These are places steeped in a rich and colourful history, but sadly scarred by the troubles of the 1990's.   The Old City of Dubrovnik has been largely restored, as has indeed the 14th century Mostar Bridge.    This has been lovingly rebuilt to the original design and is a positive sign of recovery.    However we could not fail to be touched by the contrast further into the town of Mostar, where bombed out and bullet scarred buildings surround what was a children's playground, but is now a grave yard.    Montenegro, whilst much less visibly damaged by the troubles has some of the most dramatic landscape scenery and coastline to be found in the Balkans."
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