Dave Coates Photography

Wi7_Levers WaterWi7_Levers Water| Litl_Upper EskdaleLitl_Upper Eskdale| 1217_Stormlight Wasdale1217_Stormlight Wasdale| Su25_Peat Barn, EskdaleSu25_Peat Barn, Eskdale| Litl_Burnmoor Tarn and ScafellLitl_Burnmoor Tarn and Scafell|
Su28_Wasdale from IllgillSu28_Wasdale from Illgill| Au47_Boathouse, WastwaterAu47_Boathouse, Wastwater| Su34_Greendale BeckSu34_Greendale Beck| 7586_Sunlight and Shadows, Wasdale7586_Sunlight and Shadows, Wasdale|

7590_Stormlight Wastwater7590_Stormlight Wastwater| Wi8_Tarn Beck, Duddon ValleyWi8_Tarn Beck, Duddon Valley| 1681_Last Light, Wastwater1681_Last Light, Wastwater| Su28_Seathwaite TarnSu28_Seathwaite Tarn| Wi8_Coniston Water, Contra-jourWi8_Coniston Water, Contra-jour|
All images copyright Dave Coates 2006
" The Lake District  of Cumbria is, without  a doubt,  one of the most beautiful Landscapes  anyone could wish for,  and this is especially true for those with a passion for  photography.   The glorious  light for which the Lake District  is renowned can be  found through out the seasons, as can be seen depicted in these Lakes  Galleries. It will hopefully, enable me to share my passion for Landscape Photography  with you, including  the unforgetable moments when the quality of light and beauty of the countryside come together. It is often said that Landscape  Photography is not so much photographing the land, more photographing the light as it falls on the land. This never more true than in the Lake District. "

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