Dave Coates Photography
7062_Lunar Landscape7062_Lunar Landscape| 4120_Ice Trees No.14120_Ice Trees No.1| 1711_Canyon Light1711_Canyon Light| 6634_The Waterfall6634_The Waterfall| 303_Sand Patterns303_Sand Patterns|

7179_Foliage in the Sand7179_Foliage in the Sand| 7529_The Courting Couple7529_The Courting Couple| 5361_Dry Stone Wall Garden5361_Dry Stone Wall Garden| 7537_The Scream7537_The Scream| 2872_Lunar Limestone2872_Lunar Limestone|

6388_Limestone Garden6388_Limestone Garden| 6217_Folded Tree6217_Folded Tree| 7055_Slot Canyon?7055_Slot Canyon?| 4811_Springtime Cameo4811_Springtime Cameo| 4130_Ice Trees No.24130_Ice Trees No.2|

5212_Moss Garden5212_Moss Garden| 6158_The Wave6158_The Wave| 7661_The Dark Wood7661_The Dark Wood| 6176_The Entrance6176_The Entrance| 118_Autumn CameoThe 118_Autumn Cameo|

All images copyright Dave Coates 2006
" I love to look at landscape photography in a totally different but more detailed and imaginative way. It opens up a whole new world of miniature landcapes and allows me to interpret what I see in so many different ways. The titles hopefully point the viewer to my interpretation, although I do apologise that in a few cases perhaps only other photographers will fully understand what I am getting at. Many of the images have been taken on the coasts of either North East England or the Isle of Skye; whilst the others have been found in different locations in the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District."
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