Dave Coates Photography

Afiap_Dunstanburgh DawnAfiap_Dunstanburgh Dawn| 10-10-Industrial Contrasts10-10-Industrial Contrasts| L346-Late Light, St Mary'sL346-Late Light, St Mary's| 10-07-Black Nab Sunrise10-07-Black Nab Sunrise| 10-11-Fishermen's Huts, South Gare10-11-Late Light, South Gare|

10-08-Fishing Boat, Holy Island10-08-Fishing Boat, Holy Island| 10-05-Afternoon Light, Bamburgh10-05-Afternoon Light, Bamburgh| 10-09-Holy Island10-09-Holy Island| L315-Embleton DawnL315-Embleton Dawn|

10-14-Paddy's Hole Evening10-14-Paddy's Hole Evening| 10-12-Sunset near Staithes10-12-Sunset near Staithes| L326-Daybreak, BamburghL326-Daybreak, Bamburgh| 10-15-Low Tide Teesside10-15-Low Tide Teesside| 10-06-Bamburgh Sunrise10-06-Bamburgh Sunrise|

All images copyright Dave Coates 2006
" The North East Coast of England offers the photographer a wide variation in subjects, from glorious sunrises and sunsets to images with poignancy and contrasts, especially around Teesside with its industrial heritage. There areas of North Gare and South Gare are rich picking grounds for photographers. Further North in Northumbria the historical heritage comes to the fore with its castles at Dunstanburgh, Banburgh and Holy Island. There is something about the combination of light and water that lends itself to some glorious scenes. For example the two early morning shots of Bamburgh Castle were taken on the same morning, barely an hour or so apart. In this gallery I have tried to capture much of these features but space has precluded a host of other locations and subjects, including miniature landscapes, which appear elsewhere on this site. "
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