9710 Fairy Chimmneys| 10111 Embriodery Seller| 9553 Salt Lake-2| 10120 Turkish Doorway|

10209 Three Sisters of Cappadocia| 10171 Men at Work!| 9924 Rising into the Sky| 9977 Lone Balloona| 9941 Balloons Over the Cave Dwellings|

9548 Salt Lake-1| 10162 Crochet Worker| 9865 Usichar and its Castle| 9956 High Over Cappadociai|

All images copyright Sheila Coates 2014
"The trip with Dave to Turkey, and in particular to Cappadocia in 2014, whilst he attended the FIAP Congress, may have been an organisational nightmare, but the photo opportunities, both of the landscape and the people, plus the Balloon Flight were well worth the journey."
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