7984 Evening Light, Pienza7984 Evening Light, Pienza| 7936 Vine fields, San Antimo7936 Vine fields, San Antimo| 8567 Tuscan Farmstead8567 Tuscan Farmstead| 8052 Hilltop Farm, San Quirico8052 Hilltop Farm, San Quirico| 7705 Lone Tree, Montalcino7705 Lone Tree, Montalcino|
8284 Before Sunrise,Val d'Orcia8284 Before Sunrise,Val d'Orcia| 8609 Evening Light, near San Quirico8609 Evening Light, near San Quirico| S8473 Cottage Doorway, Cosona8473 Cottage Doorway, Cosona| 8185 Vitaleta in the Evening8185 Vitaleta in the Evening|

7987 Hilltop Farm, Pienza7987 Hilltop Farm, Pienza| 8627 Montalcino Vineyard8627 Montalcino Vineyard| 8119 Tuscan Cameo8119 Tuscan Cameo| 8787 Belvedere Evening8787 Belvedere Evening| 8492 Late Light, Cosona8492 Late Light, Cosona|
TUSCANY - 2013
All images copyright Sheila Coates 2013
"We made two visits to Tuscany in 2013, but without a doubt we had the best time in October. This gallery is a selection of the images that I enjoyed taking whist over there. Whilst the larger landscape was beautiful in the autumn light, I particularly enjoyed picking out details and features.

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