3872 Bryce Pinnacles3872 Bryce Pinnacles| 4247 Monument Valley Mitten4247 Monument Valley Mitten| 4340 A Touch of Autumn, Canyon-de-Chelley4340 A Touch of Autumn, Canyon-de-Chelley| 5974 Sentinel Rock, White Pocket5974 Sentinel Rock, White Pocket| 5927 Rock Waves5927 Rock Waves|

3938 Temple View Bryce3938 Temple View Bryce| 4138 Sunrise, Monument Valley4138 Sunrise, Monument Valleya| 4330 Canyon de Chelly Cameo4330 Canyon de Chelly Cameo| 6105 Lines and Layers, White Pocket6105 Lines and Layers, White Pocket| 4095 Shapes of Antelope4095 Shapes of Antelope|

3935 Morning Glow, Bryce3935 Morning Glow, Bryce| 3592 Golden Virgin, Zion3592 Golden Virgin, Zion| 4492 Late Light Canyon de Chelly4492 Late Light Canyon de Chellyo| 6710 Patterns & Colours of White Pocket6710 Patterns & Colours of White Pocket| 5933 Light on the Rocks, Antelope5933 Light on the Rocks, Antelope|

3878 Lone Hoodoo, Bryce3878 Lone Hoodoo, Bryce| 6554 Wahweap Hoodoos, Escalante6554 Wahweap Hoodoos, Escalante| 6148 Erosion Patterns, White Pocket6148 Erosion Patterns, White Pocket| 11886 Brain Rocks, White Pocket11886 Brain Rocks, White Pocket| 5890 Waves in the Rock5890 Waves in the Rock|

The Canyons & Utah, USA
All images copyright Sheila Coates 2010-2015
"We have now been to America a total of five times, including a return trip to the Utah/Arizona Wilderness. In this gallery I am showing some of my favourite images from that trip which was in 2012 and also from our trip to the Canyons of the South West in 2010 ."
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