1874_Low Light, White Pocket1874_Low Light, White Pocket| 1087_Sawmill Geyser1087_Sawmill Geyser| 1125_Bison in the Mist1125_Bison in the Mist| 1004_Evening Light on the Dunes1004_Evening Light on the Dunes| 0420_Oxbow Sunrise0420_Oxbow Sunrise|

0527_Upper Yosemite Falls0527_Upper Yosemite Falls| 2040_Wahweap Hoodoo2040_Wahweap Hoodoo| 0767_Gathering Storm, Bodie0767_Gathering Storm, Bodie| 1015_As the Mists Melt Away1015_As the Mists Melt Away| 1120_Evening Light, Death Valley1120_Evening Light, Death Valley|

0357_Autumn Aspens0357_Autumn Aspens| 0992_Tangle Creek Mists0992_Tangle Creek Mists| 1966_White Pocket 'Sphinx'1966_White Pocket 'Sphinx'| 2241_Candy Rock, South Coyotte Buttes2241_Candy Rock, South Coyotte Buttes| 2099_Rockscape, South Coyotte Buttes2099_Rockscape, South Coyotte Buttes|

0387_Prairie Lych Gate0387_Prairie Lych Gate| 2313_The Survivor, South Coyotte Buttes2313_The Survivor, South Coyotte Buttes| 0701_Bodie Classroom0701_Bodie Classroom| 0867_Barrel Cactus, Alabama Hills0867_Barrel Cactus, Alabama Hills| 0474_Morman Barn0474_Morman Barn|

All images copyright Sheila Coates 2008
" This is my selection of photographs from our first three trips to the USA. The first time we went, in 2006 to The Tetons and Yellowstone, I was in the flux of changing from print film to digital and could not really decide which I preferred. By the time we went to California in 2008 I had gone completely digital and feel it gives me a lot more freedom to play around with different types of shots. The third trip was to the into an area which was totally different to anything we had experienced before. Whilst inevitably we photographed in the same places I hope that this gallery puts over my view of the places we have visited."
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