Dave Coates Photography

The Harbour at SousseThe Harbour at Sousse| Berber Lady in Trogodyte village at MatmataBerber Lady in Trogodyte village at Matmata| Urns outside Troglodyte home at MatmataUrns outside Troglodyte home at Matmata| Young desert girl near ChebikaYoung desert girl near Chebika|

Bourghiba's Mausoleum, MonistarBourghiba's Mausoleum, Monistar|

Desert Scene, near KebiliDesert Scene, near Kebili|

Bourghiba's Mausoleum at MonistarBourghiba's Mausoleum at Monistar| Saharan Desert in BloomSaharan Desert in Bloom| Dromedary Camel in the evening LightDromedary Camel in the evening Light| The Old Man of the DesertThe Old Man of the Desert|

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