Dave Coates Photography
13766-Uchisar Castle13766-Uchisar Castle| 13472-Turkish Pottery 113472-Turkish Pottery 1| 13840-Getting Ready for Take Off13840-Getting Ready for Take Off| 14053-Turkish Doorway 114053-Turkish Doorway 1|

13577-Love Valley, Cappadocia13766-Uchisar Castle| 13410-Filling the Jug13410-Filling the Jug| 13875-Sunrise Over Cappdocia13875-Sunrise Over Cappdocia| 14248-Clothes Boutique Ankara Castle14248-Clothes Boutique Ankara Castle|

13367-Salt Lake 213367-Salt Lake 2| 14154-Turkish Lace Sellar14154-Turkish Lace Sellar| 13909-High Over Cappadocia13909-High Over Cappadocia| 14171-Playing the Game14171-Playing the Game|

13332-Salt Lake 113332-Salt Lake 1| 13499-Turkish Pottery 213499-Turkish Pottery 2| 13917-Looking Towards Uchisar13917-Looking Towards Uchisar| 14096-Turkish Doorway 214096-Turkish Doorway 2|

Turkey, including Cappadocia
All images copyright Dave Coates 2014
"September 2014 saw us travel to Turkey for the FIAP Congress, which was held in two centres, at Ankara and Cappadocia. Between meetings and whilst travelling we were able to do a little photography. What a friendly people they were, and generous too; we will always be grateful for the opportunity to take part in the Balloon Flight over Cappadocia. With over a 100 balloons in the air at the same time; what an experience!"
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