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2715_Tuscan-Evening2715_Tuscan-Evening| 2736_Lone-Tree-San-Querico-22736_Lone-Tree-San-Querico-2| 2987_Street-Artist,-Florence2987_Street-Artist,-Florence| 2916-Tuscan-Rape-Meadows2916-Tuscan-Rape-Meadows| 2718_Vineyard-Evening2718_Vineyard-Evening|

2909_Trees-and-Grasses2909_Trees-and-Grasses| 2983_The-Philosopher2983_The-Philosopher| 2896_Lone-Cyprus2896_Lone-Cyprus| 3186_The-Leaning-Tower3186_The-Leaning-Tower|

2810_Montalcino-Cafe2810_Montalcino-Cafe| 2721_Evening-Cameo,-Tuscany2721_Evening-Cameo,-Tuscany| 2766_Cyprus-Avenue2766_Cyprus-Avenue| 2904_Field-patterns2904_Field-patterns| 2743_Tuscany-Farmstead2743_Tuscany-Farmstead|

All images copyright Dave Coates 2006
" Having acted as jurors for the 2010 Colline Circuit, Sheila and I, thanks to Carlo Diana and his wife Nicole, were able to stay behind for week's holday in Tuscany and to see this wonderful part of Italy, as they showed us, its landscape and its towns and cities such as Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa, through their own eyes.    This gallery then shows a few of the images of the Tuscan landscape that I was able to make during this wonderful break in late April and early May, but also a few taken in the towns and cities, where invariably we were so warmly welcomed by local photographers (too many to list here but to whom we are both most grateful)."
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