Dave Coates Photography
1562_Storm Light, White Pocket1562_Storm Light, White Pocket| 1654_Wahweap Hoodoos1654_Wahweap Hoodoosk| 1757_Antelope Patterns1757_Antelope Patterns| 1751_Stud  Horse Point #21751_Stud Horse Point #2|

1698_Evening Light, Candy Rock1698_Evening Light, Candy Rock| 1777_Canyon Light, Antelope Canyon1777_Canyon Light, Antelope Canyon| 1861_Rock Waves, South Coyote Buttes1861_Rock Waves, South Coyote Buttes| 1605_Rock Formations, White Pocket1605_Rock Formations, White Pocket| 1576_Evening Light, White Pocket1576_Evening Light, White Pocket|

1593_Rock Waves, White Pocket1593_Rock Waves, White Pocket| 1743_Stud  Horse Point #11743_Stud Horse Point #1| 1787_The Altar of Sacrifice, South Coyote Buttes1787_The Altar of Sacrifice, South Coyote Buttes| 1545_Striped Sentinel, White Pocket1545_Striped Sentinel, White Pocket|

All images copyright Dave Coates 2009
"In 2009 we went to the USA for our third photographic workshop with Nigel Turner, this time in the heat of Summer. During the course of our stay we photographed some of the most breathtaking landscapes that we have ever seen. These included Stud Horse Point, The Wahweap Hoodoos, South Coyote Buttes and Lower Antelope Canyon, but without doubt the jewel in the crown was White Pocket. We were able to visit some of the most remote locations on the Paria Plateau for both the late evening and early morning light. Without the 'all terrain vehicle', and Nigel's skills with it, it is doubtful we would have ever reached more than a few of the locations he got us to."
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