Dave Coates Photography
305_Brain Rock Landscape305_Brain Rock Landscape| 8294_Tumbleweed-in-Antelope-Canyon8294 Tumbleweed in Antelope Canyon| 8401_Hoodoo at Wahweap8401_Hoodoo at Wahweap| 7974_Evening Light, The Rim Rocks7974_Evening Light, The Rim Rocks|

7892 Polaris at Poor Man's Hole7892 Polaris at Poor Man's Hole| 7455 Curves-and-Arches, Antelope7455 Curves-and-Arches, Antelope| 7667 Rock River, White Pocket7667 Rock River, White Pocket| 7679 Lone Pine, White Pocket7679 Lone Pine, White Pocket| 7511 Sentinel Rock and Brain Rocks7511 Sentinel Rock and Brain Rocks|

7736 Lines & Patterns, White-Pocket7736 Lines & Patterns, White-Pocket| 7441 Lines and Curves, Antelope7441 Lines and Curves, Antelope| 8441_Estruded Limestone Hoodoo, Wahweap8441_Estruded Limestone Hoodoo, Wahweap| 8602 Morning Light-on-the-Brain-Rocks8602 Morning Light-on-the-Brain-Rocks|

All images copyright Dave Coates 2009
"In 2012 we went back to the wilderness of the Utah/Arizona Border in the USA for the second time with Nigel Turner, this time in the heat of Summer. Once again we visited the landscape wonderlands of the Paria Plateau and the Esclante National Park. This time we also used Polaris Razor vehicles (shown in one of the above pictures) to travel 30 or more miles at a time into the desert wilderness to camp and then be able to photograph these wonderful landscapes in the late evening and early morning light. The images in this gallery barely touch upon the sheer beauty of an area that so easily drew us back for the second time. "
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