Dave Coates Photography

2249_Swan Lake2249_Swan Lake| 2398_Bison Family2398_Bison Family| 2296_Grand Canyon Rocks Formations2296_Grand Canyon Rocks Formations| 2194_Elk Stag Resting2194_Elk Stag Resting| 2325_Clearing Mists, Tangle Creek2325_Clearing Mists, Tangle Creek|

Artists View, Grand CanyonArtists View, Grand Canyon| White Dome from Tangle CreekWhite Dome from Tangle Creek| 2329_TangleCreek2329_TangleCreek| 7439_Castle Geyser7439_Castle Geyser|

D1446_Morning Mist Tangle CreekD1446_Morning Mist Tangle Creek| 2204_Elk in Evening Light2204_Elk in Evening Light| 2232_Pallette Springs, Mammoth2232_Pallette Springs, Mammoth| 2356_Thermal Spring2356_Thermal Spring| 2247_Snow and Aspens2247_Snow and Aspens|

All images copyright Dave Coates 2006
" We travelled to the USA in the Autumn of 2006 and were lucky enough to find the colours to be their finest for more than a decade. Our first week was spent in the Grand Teton National Park where despite some indifferent weather we were able to capture the colours in varying lighting conditions. The morning we able to capture the almost surreal Alpen Glow on Mount Moran at Oxbow Bend was a special moment.

In the second week we spent our time in Yellowstone National Park where not only the glorious and majestic landscape was there to enjoy, but also the wildlife such as Bison and Elk were plentiful. The fact that Yellowstone is in fact the centre of a huge and still active volcano was evident by the thermal activity, especially the geysers. Visits to Mamoth Springs and were balanced by others to Yellowstone Grand Canyon and the various Geyser Basins."

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