Dave Coates Photography
4914 Mitten from Wildcat Trail4914 Mitten from Wildcat Trail| 4367 Queen Vic and Thors Hammer4367 Queen Vic and Thors Hammer| 4248 Pulpit Rock, Zion4248 Pulpit Rock, Zion| 4711 Antelope Patterns 14711 Antelope Patterns 1| 5149 White House, Canyon de Chellys5149 White House, Canyon de Chelly|

4735 Horseshoe Bend4735 Horseshoe-Bend| 4453-bryce-canyon-24453-bryce-canyon-2| 4182 Big Bend, Zion4182 Big Bend, Zion| 4622 Antelope Patterns 34622 Antelope Patterns 3| 5101 Autumn, Canyon de Chelley5101 Autumn, Canyon de Chelley|

4795 The Mittens4795 The Mittens| 4615 Early Light, Bryce Canyon4615 Early Light, Bryce Canyon| 4098 Autumn Pulpit Rock4098 Autumn Pulpit Rock| 4675 Antelope Patterns 44675 Antelope Patterns 4| 5192 Low Light, Canyon-de-Chelly5192 Low Light, Canyon-de-Chelly|

4845-Three Sisters, Monument Valley4845-Three Sisters, Monument Valley| 4441 Bryce Canyon Patterns4441 Bryce Canyon Patterns| 3920_zion-sunset-glow3920-zion-sunset-glow| 4656 Antelope Patterns 34656 Antelope Patterns 3| 5117 Autumn Trees, Canyon de Chelly5117 Autumn Trees, Canyon de Chelly|

All images copyright Dave Coates 2010
"2010 saw us return to the USA for our fourth visit, this time to the Canyons of the South West in the Autumn. Once again our guide was Nigel Turner, and as expected our stay took to some breath taking scenery. A few Days at Zion Canyon was followed by three early rises to capture images of Bryce Canyon. We then enjoyed a return visit to Lower Antelope Canyon and a run to Horseshoe Bend before we travelled to Monument Valley and finally to Canyon de Chelly. All in all another great time was had by all."
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